Overall, state and local governments provided three-quarters of highway and road funding ($135 billion) in 2017. Chapter 12 FHWA Funding Page 12-2 WSDOT Local Agency Guidelines M 36-63.38 June 2020 Washington has a unique approach to splitting federal highway funds between state The Right-of-Way & Utilities office is responsible for the administration of acquisition and relocation activities on federal or federally-assisted projects and programs. State and local transportation agencies are empowered to begin emergency repairs immediately to restore essential traffic service and to prevent further damage to Federal-aid highway facilities. On Monday evening, the Federal Highway Administration distributed $36.4 billion in fiscal year 2018 highway spending authority to states pursuant to the recently-enacted fiscal year 2018 omnibus appropriations law.. State Funding Allocation & Distribution. The charts linked below summarize the amount of highway safety funding allocated to the states and territories from FFY 2014 through FFY 2019. However, there are other non-State recipients of Federal highway funding, such as selected U.S. territories and other Federal … It was the first law enacted in over 10 years that provided long-term funding certainty for surface transportation, meaning States and local governments can move forward with critical transportation projects, like new highways and transit lines, with the confidence that they will have a Federal partner over the long term. Federal intergovernmental transfers for highways and roads were $47 billion dollars in 2017 (26 percent). The State decides whether it will seek ER funding for repair of either State- or local agency-owned Federal-aid highways. State highway safety programs are funded through federal appropriations. Together with $596.8 million in new formula highway contract authority that is exempt from the annual obligation limitation (reduced from $639.0 million by … These are not the only state and local sources of highway and road funds, though. The overwhelming majority of Federal highway funding is distributed to (and used by) States—a term that in this context encompasses both Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. This federal-state partnership supported by a multi-year authorization bill and annual appropriations are essential to a continuous Federal-aid Highway Program that has endured to this day. Highway Safety Funding. The Federal Highway Act of 1921, together with the Post Office Appropriations Act of 1922, provided a multiyear plan of federal funding for the program. Funding (in millions) Employees (FTE) Federal Aviation Administration $16,280.7 45,988 Federal Highway Administration $43,049.7 2,782 Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration $580.4 1,175 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration $869.0 639 Federal Transit Administration $11,782.6 585 Federal Railroad Administration $1,699.2 934 Details about the current appropriations bill, called the Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act, are available on the Federal Highway Administration website. The office also serves to identify and resolve utility conflicts that occur when accommodating public utilities on highway right-of-way.This Right-of-Way & Utilities web page is intended to provide standard The Federal Highway Administration has just released the detailed computational tables underlying the formula apportionments of highway contract authority for fiscal year 2018. April 18, 2018. State laws can impact the amount and type of funding that states receive for different programs.

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