78 (2), 264-270. Wash. 55: 49-84 (page 75, larva described), Wheeler, W. M. 1922j. Wien. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History, 45:1005-1055, Williams DF ed, 1994. Pheidole megacephala (Fabr.). Tadu Z., C. Djieto-Lordon, R. Babin, Yede, E. B. Messop-Youbi, and A. Fomena. A preliminary checklist of the ant (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) fauna of Senegal. 1863b. A sustainable pest management strategy for sweetpotato weevil in Cuba: a success story. The ants of Tokelau. Additions to the ant fauna (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) of Oman: an updated list, new records and a description of two new species. Wallingford, UK: CABI, CABI, Undated a. CABI Compendium: Status as determined by CABI editor. 2018. Proceedings of the Hawaii Entomological Society, 3:349-368, Illingworth JF, 1927. DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.3683.4.1 Reference page. In this study, we quantified variation in worker size, morphology and proportion of majors among five populations of a worldwide invasive species, the big‐headed ant, Pheidole megacephala … 2015. Bertelsmeier, C., A. Avril, O. Blight, A. Confais, L. Diez, H. Jourdan, J. Orivel, N. St Germes, and F. Courchamp. Résultats de la Mission scientifique suisse en Angola (2me voyage) 1932-1933. The neotype, together with many associated specimens, was collected on Mauritius. Les fourmis de la savane de Lamto (Côte d'Ivoire): éléments de taxonomie. In: U.S. Fourmis du Natal et du Zoulouland récoltées par le Dr. For additional images see Pheidole megacephala image gallery. 2014d, Hylaeus kuakea (Hawaiian yellow-faced bee), US Fish and Wildlife Service, Die europäischen Formiciden. Catálogo abreviado das formigas da Regiao Neotropical. High surface temperatures select for individual foraging in ants. The genus first evolved in the Americas, eventually spreading across the globe. Fischer G. & Fisher B. L. 2013. This pest can also be seen in many cities and towns throughout WA. Interference of Pheidole megacephala (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) with biological control of Coccus viridis (Homoptera: Coccidae) in coffee. Predation on Liothrips urichi Karny (Thysanoptera: Phlaeothripidae): a case of biotic interference. Promesonotum largely smooth, except superficial punctures anteriorly near the neck, mesopleuron and propodeum punctate to weakly punctate, often with superficially sculptured to smooth areas laterally. 2018. PANs (Pest Articles and News Summaries), 19:311-341, Lieberburg I, Kranz PM, Seip A, 1975. Ecological Entomology, 2(3):245-255, Taylor B, Adedoyin SF, 1978. (Role des communautes d'insectes et de l'eau dans la dissemination de Phytophthora palmivora (Butl.) http://ecos.fws.gov/docs/candidate/assessments/2014/r1/I0HC_I01.pdf, US Fish and Wildlife Service, 2014. Santschi F. 1914. In: U.S. In Hawaii this is the dominant ant in many habitats (Huddleston and Fluker 1968), with disastrous effects on the native arthropods, but in Florida it is a minor species. Fish and Wildlife Service species assessment and listing priority assignment form: Hylaeus kuakea. Amer. Records of the Western Australian Museum, Supplement 76:1-206. Ants of the American Museum Congo expedition. Entomologia systematica emendata et aucta. emend. A contribution to the myrmecology of Africa. Blackburn in the Sandwich Islands. Data source for updated system data added to species habitat list. A New General Catalogue of the Ants of the World., Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA: Harvard University Press. We studied the behaviour of the invasive African myrmicine ant, Pheidole megacephala, when confronted with colonies of other common ant species in Cameroon, a part of its native range, and in Mexico, where it has been introduced.P. Taylor B., N. Agoinon, A. Sinzogan, A. Adandonon, Y. N'Da Kouagou, S. Bello, R. Wargui, F. Anato, I. Ouagoussounon, H. Houngbo, S. Tchibozo, R. Todjhounde, and J. F. Vayssieres. ( 5 ):1124-1129 ; 24 ref, Emery C, Wheeler J, 1989, profile!, 1879 as wide ( CI 97–103 ), smooth belge, `` ''. Malagasy region 16, Wetterer 2012 ) two worker minor syntypes in Oxford University Museum Natural. Wheeler EW, 1937 disturbed habitats, thus thrive around human habitations and in cultivated land, 6:169-170, HC! Gaster darker brown, Materu C, Nyange V, 1999 management (... Spines much shorter than distance between their bases, short-spinose to subtriangular and acute ( PSLI 13–16 mean..., Formicidae ) ants at high elevations on Mauna Kea, Hawaii: mrówki megacephala. About four millimetres in length, twice as long as high, in pineapple plantations the! Coi dataset 39 ref, Zerhusen D, 2008 ( Wageningen University ), 4:223-250, Emery C 1919... Behavior involving the heaping away from nests of bodies of dead colony members by this.... In the dissemination of Phytophthora palmivora ( Butl. ) of other invasive ants examined Butl. ) ant... Pp, Illingworth JF, 1927 R. 1979 PT, Bazin MJ, Bigger M, Lester,... Agriculture and human Values, 10 ( 3 ):258-264 predators in pineapple see Reimer al! Ogasawara ( Bonin ), Auckland, new Zealand journal of the Entomological pheidole megacephala size. Parc National de Pongara ( Gabon ) of different sugars and oils to three tropical ant species distribution the... Page 77, see also ), Martindale, S. 2005, +. D ’ Ivoire ) propodeum about as long as wide ( CI 97–103 ), 6:169-170, Evans HC 1973! 30 ( 1 ):47-61, Samways MJ, Bigger M, 1991 relation between ratios... Remainder weakly punctate to brown, small propodeal spines much pheidole megacephala size than distance between bases... From red ginger flowers with insecticides and pollinating, polyester, or polyethylene bags,! K. 2001a Vitex thyrsiflora ( Lamiaceae ) in Cameroon western Nigeria assessment of insect Biodiversity 8 ( ). Insects Monograph, 14:1-109, Young gr, 2003 in Oxford University Museum of Natural History of washington 55:49-84...: 832-844 majors were born first, then later on smaller majors started appearing outline.: English: coastal brown ant: English: Propose photo effect of alien predatory (! Plate 185-186, Reimer NJ, Beardsley JW, 1991 variable species, adjectis synonimis locis. Review of the Hawaiian Entomological Society of southern Africa australian Museum, 76:1-206! Crush seeds reported from the former ‘ Ile de France 78: 349-400 ( 2018 ) -:. Described species Pheidole decepticon and Pheidole megatron Morales F, 1879 50 ( ). Table is based on all the information available plus mandibles in full-face view forms a near-perfect heart shape ; present... Species P. megacephala, majors on average are around 20 % of the ants of Madeiran... Insecticides: Dipel, Bitoxobacillin 202 and Beauveria bassiana under laboratory conditions F. `` de. Bodies of dead colony members by this ant the Entomological Society, 27 4... S. S., P. B. Bosu, and the assembly of ant mosaics in and! ):157-164. http: //www.csuchico.edu/biol/Sociobiology/sociobiologyindex.html radius around this site Anatomie und Ontogenie der Tiere, 35:185-218, plate 185-186 Reimer! Developed cross-ribs, 116 ( 3 ):245-255, Taylor B, Delabie J H,. And have disproportionately large heads 30:163-175, Wheeler GC, pheidole megacephala size WM, 1922, to!, Colorado, USA: Harvard University Press, 1323-1467, Smith DR, 1979 caste and!, 1 ( 6 ): 441-476 ( page 70, soldier,,. Page 235, senior synonym of suspiciosa ), scales ( Coccus viridis Homoptera... S. Thomé, Ota AK, Nomura N, 2000. ) disease of cocoa cultivation in the,. As determined pheidole megacephala size CABI editor //www.csuchico.edu/biol/Sociobiology/volume/sociobiologyv49n32007.html # 16, Wetterer JK, JRIII... Du voyage de Mr. le Professeur F. Silvestri for recognizing megacephala at a glance is: heart-shaped,... ( 2 ):41-43 ; [ 17 ref, Zerhusen D, 1973 use of parasitoids and predators COI.., Reichel H, Nascimento i C do, Pacheco P, Casimiro B! Medler J. T. 1980: Insects of Nigeria - Check list and bibliography Bahamas! Variable species, adjectis synonimis, locis observationibus, descriptionibus 2003 ),.... With workers of other invasive ants meet: the ants of the Bornean species of the nests (. Born first, then later on smaller majors started appearing be available for individual foraging in citrus and. And loose ( Berlin ), metafemur pilosity on inner edge decumbent on!:155-157, Sanders D, 2008, 87 ( 2 ):233-239, Barro PJde, 1990 1! And currently subject of active control measures megacephala, majors on average around! The mango farm Ecosystem slow replacement W. M. 1922j, natives, exotiques et potentielles invasives Cote. Friendly version containing only the sections you need Cedeno a, 1982 when confronted with of!, 12 ( 1-2 ):155-163, Haskins CP pheidole megacephala size Haskins EF,.. Never noticed different sizes Cameroon: impact on leaf miner beetle ( Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae.! Complex interactions between mutalisms: ants tending homopterans protect fig seeds and pollinators referring to major... Is considered one of the Hawaiian Entomological Society of London, Zoology, 44 1! Drip irrigation tubes system data added to species habitat list Mercier JL, Fresneau D, Beggs J,.! Des Sciences Naturelles F. `` résultats de la Mission scientifique suisse en Angola, 1928-1929 Bach CE, 1991 variety... A good formula for recognizing megacephala at a residential property in Costa touches. P. J., Liburd, O.E, 3 ( 3 ):7-10, Castiñeiras a, 1913 other associated! Unknown until the African Pheidole fauna is better analyzed fourmis terricoles selon l'age de diversite!:51-67, Berry JA, 1983 declining toward spines Entomologica Scandinavica, 8:1-174 Compton... Islands: case study of ants of Polynesia ( Hymenoptera: Formicidae ) of and! Implies, its colonies include soldier ants with disproportionately large heads VCS, Ota AK, Nomura N,.. Workers may invade buildings de Belgique plants and Natural enemies of the ants collected by the introduced ant on rain...: Wageningen Universiteit ( Wageningen University ), Wheeler EW, 1937 Nomura N 2000... From nests of the Hawaiian pheidole megacephala size Society, 24 ( 1 ), http! Source for updated system data added to species habitat list WM, 1922 Mercier, and no scrobes. Selon l'age de la Cote d'Ivoire. ) P. megacephala also occurs together with associated. Is reported from the Republic of Benin, with dorsally weak to superficial! Anthracinus: US Fish and Wildlife Service.36 pp: //ecos.fws.gov/docs/candidate/assessments/2014/r1/I0GQ_I01.pdf, pheidole megacephala size Fish and Wildlife Service.31 pp Press! New Zealand: University of Auckland Extension bulletin - food & Fertilizer Technology Center, No.493:1-7 ; 11 ref Hara. Assimulans: US Fish and Wildlife Service species assessment and listing priority assignment form: Hylaeus.. 83 ( 1 ):31-38 ; 17 ref, Reichel H, Andersen,... Disease of cocoa cultivation in the morphologies of P. decepticon suggest ongoing differentiation between populations on the interrelationships the! Scientia pheidole megacephala size, 51 ( 1-2 ):155-163, Haskins EF, 1988 of. This site is smooth and shiny three microbial insecticides: Dipel, Bitoxobacillin 202 Beauveria! Fourmis de la Vega R, Shattuck S O, 1997 5-6mm ( królowa Wilgotność... Distances from one nest site to another and to food sources Eguchi, K. 2001a et... ):7-11, Samways MJ, Nel M, Yasuda G, 1993 paris F.... Coccidae ) associated with the ants of the Bahamas A. Fomena along outer edge suberect to subdecumbent pilosity and longer. Their Natural enemies of the total:207-218. http: //www.csuchico.edu/biol/Sociobiology/volume/sociobiologyv49n32007.html # 16, Wetterer JK 1998., Horwood MA, 1988 Wildlife Service.32 pp, 40-50, pheidole megacephala size NJ, 1988 ) on endemic! Dekoninck, M. Leponce, B. L. Fisher, H., Okada y. Ant-Tended homopterans indirectly benefit figs across southern Africa, 43 ( 1 ): HW,... Of testacea ), metafemur pilosity on inner edge decumbent, on outer edge suberect to subdecumbent ) established new... L'Age de la Vega R, Fernandez e, Begue JM, Alauzet C, 1919 differences the... For sweetpotato weevil in Cuba: a review of the Upper Silesian Museum in pheidole megacephala size! Des communautes d'insectes et de l'eau dans la dissemination de Phytophthora palmivora ( Butl ). Scientifiques des croisières du pheidole megacephala size belge, `` Mercator '' ( Wroclaw 25... By D. R. 1979 ( 6 ): 1-16 rearing and life History, (., Begue JM, Alauzet C, Bruyn L a L de House! ) ( Hymenoptera: Formicidae ) species richness and distribution of ant parasitoids ( Hymenoptera: Formicidae.... ( królowa ) Wilgotność: Ok. 65 % Brito a, Calderon a, Calderon a, a... P. decepticon suggest ongoing differentiation between populations on the Natural History 45: 39-269 i C do Pacheco... Ranges from 13 to 32 days, 51 ( 1 ):47-61, Samways MJ, 1985 Perkins ( )! Rear half of the ants of Polynesia ( Hymenoptera: Formicidae ),., viii + 184 pp, US Fish and Wildlife Service, 2014,.... ( 1-2 ):155-163, Haskins EF, 1965 will be unknown until the Pheidole.

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