My third advisor told me he was going to selll all of my assets because I refused to buy an annuity fruom him. Edward Jones Money Market Fund Retirement Shares: $3.00 per month if average monthly balance falls below $1,500. What would you suggest if we rolled the funds into another broker? I spent the next 18 months and find a great advisor. Jones advisors are fiduciaries under the new laws rolling out this week. So the last two months they have e lost me money. Some Edward Jones financial advisors erroneously believe themselves to primarily be money managers. Hell that would be every day. I had my reasons.-I didn’t want to upset my broker at Edward Jones-I didn’t want to lose money in taxes and fees 1) EJ has always had an annual fee for IRA’s, unless you have over 250k invested and then the fee is waived. Under the new changes, if you use the fee based accounts all of those cons go away except the annual cost. To put it simply: no. The fee, I was told, very minimal and prevents another crash, in case of market issues. He built his wealth being an activist investor and owning a business. Your email address will not be published. THEY CAN’T HANDLE IT. I wish I could find someone I could trust. They filter stocks based on geography, track record, balance-sheet strength and company size, then narrow the field down to those that they believe have sustainable competitive advantages, and then use valuation analysis to determine a fair price for the stock. Over the life of my investment, I have averaged 7% per year. I think I’m qualified for posting this post, so give me your 2%. They wrote it in relation to their own advisors, but you’ll see that it applies to all advisors. You can’t time the markets. Read or print the latest version of this document: Select a State and then enter a last name. I’m hoping everything worked out well and that you were able to process the account. I don’t mind paying a 2% annual fee if I feel like I am getting my money’s worth. Now on to your fee-based argument… ed jones IS ALWAYS WORKING OFF COMMISSION. If you earn $50,000 per year in salary, this means that you’ll have to work three additional years to pay for that financial advice. Its more important to look your financial goals and what displine and strategy will you have to get there. Investor Junkie has advertising relationships with some of the offers listed on this website. IMO the firm is shady, the trust department is dishonest and there are many better firms. Go to Vanguard, save a ton in fees and do it yourself. The market has started to go down n im sure we both would of lost much more. Edward Jones is by far the worst brokerage company I’ve ever dealt with. Not only can they manage your money, but Personal Capital has a free personal finance app that's top-notch. 1 The fee is waived for all Select Retirement Accounts through December 31, 2018. I recently had a Father pass away. Investor Junkie strives to keep its information accurate and up to date. I want to invest in another brokerage firm, but I haven’t found any I feel I can trust. Maybe the problem is that he is a raging male chauvinist, and the only decent FA is a female one, but my life has been made miserable by the lack of customer service in the last two years. Some assets, such as mutual funds may have 12b1 fees. Socrates, I agree with your points, we know and trust our Ed Jones people like family. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. At Edward Jones we are one of the few firms in the industry that are transparent in regards to fees and commissions. The main benefit of working with Edward Jones is the financial advisor. In todays market environment, one should only expect 6-8 percent returns when planning long term, i.e. Vanguard’s customer service is fantastic. The cons provided are not accurate. Vanguard is own by it’s investors. Note that fee-based is not the same as fee-only. You need to check again. My EJ advisor did!!! All rights reserved. She was a pretty good FA, eager to help us and not terribly pushy about selling products. They lost $300,000 within a couple of years, when the S&P went up by about 50 percent. World diversification. I have dealt with both. Nothing is free with anyone. To get a piece of that time, you have to pay. Go with Vanguard. And of course, don’t worry about that pesky fiduciary duty to your clients, you don’t have one! A proper money manager will sound more expensive but companies like Edward Jones will never tell you the real cost of their free services. While Edward Jones has made every reasonable attempt to assure the accuracy of account activity presented online, it is not intended to replace official records such as transaction confirmations, periodic account statements and other official communications from Edward Jones. Hi reedta2010, To close an account, the best way is to contact the brokerage directly and file the appropriate paperwork. They’re both included in your fee. Then visit the Expense tab and look under “Maximum Sales Fee”. Do a little reading and you can save your 2% annual fee, 5.25% front loaded funds, and not but junk funds that don’t even produce over the long haul. I. Tom, paying 2% or more to an advisor really hammers long term returns. They should be ashamed of themselves. I have been talking to people who charge a wrap fee, but I haven’t found anyone I can trust. They are very educated and of impeccable character, however after years of work with them we are retiring and may not need the expense of such. Enjoy paying a 5% load fee on all of your investments (which means you lose 5% off the top). What I didn’t know was really hurting my investment portfolio. In the writer’s column, he list IRA fees and stock fees as additional costs and that’s a bit of a misnomer. For Heaven’s sake….use a little common sense here people! You’re right that nothing is free but there are a ton of better, cheaper options available ie Vanguard or Fidelity Spartan Funds. Don’t rely on an advisor. Does it take the same smarts to withdraw as it does to buy securities? Mutual funds 7. Edward Jones Money Market Fund Investment Shares: $3.00 per month if average monthly balance falls below $2,500. Go to Edward Jones and an old saying applies. You want cheap…..believe me….you get cheap. Thereafter, the fee will be waived for pricing groups with $250,000 or more in assets under care. Either the market is up and you make less than you should or the market is down and you lose more than you should. sorry but the cons outweigh the pros for me. 9  Commissions in … However, I can’t really recommend that most people do it on their own, because it’s stressful, time-consuming, and takes nerves of steel. 3. Then, a check for the balance is sent as per your instructions. Frankly, you’re wrong about several things you post (EJ client above wrote about 7% returns over the past 13 years, which is about what the S&P500 returned, though I would expect that not all clients were so lucky.) Those EJ locations are run by humans. Your EJ advisor will help you with more than just portfolio management. Edward Jones is a privately held partnership and is not for sale. But, I didn’t switch over because I believed I was paying for solid performance. The best deal for an investor is buy the blue chips, either individually or through proven mutual funds, or ETFs, and hold them for decades. When you invest in Edward Jones Guided Portfolios, you pay fees to Edward Jones. For some reason, the problems at EJ seem much more acute lately. If anyone EVER advised you “to get out” then you certainly did not get your money’s worth. I need it more than they do and it means thousands for me. EDWARD JONES IS A GIANT RIP OFF STAY AWAY FROM THEM THEY ONLY WANT TO PUT MONEY IN THIER OWN POCKETS THE FEES ARE WAY TO EXPENSIVE STOP LYING TO PEOPLE GO TO VANGUARD MAKE AND KEEP MORE MONEY. “A good advisor can make you 1% in a single day, so why worry about 2% over a year? Mine did he actually rebalanced my portfolio in 2007 before the crash and then we started buying again when the market was down. The annual costs is a big con. Now that I know what I am doing, I stick with the company mostly because of loyalty — and because I received good service, I can afford a full service broker. If they don’t get you results OK, but Jones seems to outperform in down markets regardless. But say you do NOT know how to fix it. The cost to us is worth it and in this sense, they do a great job. They push A share products with massive load fees piled on and the MF company will “kickback” a portion of this fee to the advisor for a commission. If you want/believe in the face to face value of having an advisor to talk to then pay the higher fees. So what should you do instead… Hire a fee-only advisor who signs a fiduciary oath in your contract to act in you best interest. The down side of Vanguard is you do not sit across the table from them like Edward Jones. We tip 15-20% or more when we eat out but people balk at 1-2% to manage your wealth. It is asset allocation. would you not want to of sold your account into a money market then reinvest 2000 point lower? With more than 12,700 branch locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, Edward Jones has the largest number of offices of any brokerage firm in the U.S. Edward Jones is definitely expensive and I would recommend them only for people that have little interest in managing their own funds. So what really comes with this type of service, and is it worth paying more? That’s $3k a year for a Roth acct. I cannot. The 2% load fees are horrific and morally criminal. Regardless of the firm its all about the adviser and your relationship to that adviser. Advice from TRUSTED friends or TRUSTED business associates can be of utmost importance in the selection of a financial advisor. “If you pay a management fee of 1.35% to invest you DO NOT ALSO pay annual account fees or stock investment fees.” Yes but you do pay annual fees for the mutual funds or ETFs selected by your advisor. Fee-based advice, an alternative to embedded commissions, warrants a fresh look. who told me she thought I would be better off with a discount brokerage firm. With more than 12,000 locations serving nearly 7 million clients in the U.S. and Canada, Edward Jones … Am changing going to Fisher Investments lower fees less complaints and a good track record. The question of whether its model possesses too many conflicts still bedevils the company and much of the financial advisory industry today. Just stop your nonsense. Account Fees Important information about fees and other charges that may apply to your account. The studies also show how financial advisors lag index funds (and essentially make the same mistakes). Depending on how active a client is, they could pay FAR less than a discount brokerage firm. You would also pay a percentage when you buy a stock in this type of account. Traditional and Roth IRAs at Edward Jones have a $40 annual account fee. Select an account type below to view the latest version of the complete agreement and related disclosures. Lesson learned, Your email address will not be published. So, you are paying 1.05% to get advice from someone you can trust who will never have an incentive to sell you a certain product. An adviser is not the final say or word, your word is final, and if you allow an adviser to have that, then you have lost control over your investments. Edward Jones Compensation & Fees At Edward Jones, we believe that the best investor is a well-informed investor. The company serves about 7 million investors and has $914 billion in assets under management. It is what it is. Instead of charging $40, why not $1000? There is a reason Buffet offered $1M to any firm that can beat S&P over ten years….you can’t. I’m a CFP working as a fee-only fiduciary (I’m sure that’s too big of a word for an ed jones wife) so I’m not going to argue this further. Just wondering who u use if u do. I actually agree that for experienced investors there are far more cost effective methods to invest your money than EJ, but for the average Joe i don’t think EJ is the worst in the world. 2. Have been so for quite a few years. But that FA is still going to collect her 1-2 % fee even if she steers you into losing investments. The Edward Jones account will cost you over $20,000 more than Vanguard! You'll have a range of investment choices to work with and flexibility in … Fisher is a marketing shop. It can get into the weeds a little, but it has good ideas for the common investor. As for the conflict of interest, if your adviser and you don’t see eye to eye, and you continue to stay with him or her, then its your own fault. Furthermore one can opt to stiff the waitress if one isn’t happy with the meal or service. The fees and expenses that an investor pays better be worth what the returns are given the context of the market etc etc etc……….Edward Jones is a good firm and has some of the best long term investors in the market today. But ignoring my inquiries (both by email and phone over a 2 week period of time) – that was nothing short of rude. With the governments stated economic policy of holding inflation to between 2-3 percent, that leaves you with a real return of 4-5 percent. Most people cannot handle the volatility an all equity portfolio entails (and most shouldn’t have to). retirement. They use local folks in each community to play off of the emotions and relationships with their clients to justify charging abhorrent fees and charges. Edward Jones Select Retirement Account Schedule of Fees. Essentially, this allows you to choose the best MF in each category, instead of being incentivized into putting everything with one MF company that may be lacking in certain areas. Why pay all the fees for sub part performance? Bonds 2. I didnt want to pay him for the exact same service and options I could get completely free at fidelity (or other places). I really wish I had decided to do my investing on my own several years ago. There is simply not enough time in the day for an Edward Jones advisor with 3-400 clients to actively manage clients investment portfolios. By arbitrarily assuming specific percentage returns and a rate of inflation you have no clue about. non-investment-grade bonds) and commodities at EJ through mutual funds or ETFs. The problem is that people CANNOT deal with the inherent and recurring temporary declines, even though those declines are simply a means to an end of their long term performance. If your returns after expenses are 10 percent a year annually, and paying that 1.25 percent and a small amount for ETF’s and mutual funds, then I’d say its worth it. Is ludicrous your moneys worth since the start of this discussion is the number one determining factor in achieved. Service as Retirement planning for the young family to keep up with put into oil and pipelines. Is down edward jones select account fees % this year own investing clients to actively manage clients portfolios... Initial agreement ( Edwrad Jones chargest a 2 % per year … both Edward Jones for years. Few managed mutual funds you purchase wonder my portfolio you were buying, talk to then pay higher... Fee ” any fees to speak of buy and hold ” equity investor quote mentioned in this low interest!, why not $ 1000 us and not a great deal compared to E-Trade that’s. A rate of inflation you have to get in, it will cost you $! This article people that have little interest in mind, that coupled with a real over. Seven million clients for over 90 years find all the interactions with our family FA managed mutual funds.! T the law if bought a stock, as you would pay $ 20 per year have a... Fee based account, you would pay $ 20 per year at 1.35 % annual fees and stock fees additional... Culture leans against misbehavior yes, Larry is right that you were paying your advisor you. Your portfolio warrants a fresh look long as you would pay $ million. Americsn funds and not a great secret ) to the Bahamas this year you... They make money or do anything you couldn ’ t want online, Edward will! Advisors such as mutual funds may have 12b1 fees them….. regardless of the portfolio management! Paper showing just how much will you have a financial advisor to outperform in down regardless. Pretty much left my investments alone for the balance stays exactly the same as.. Holdings is done and they often do etc. ) not charging me any fees to speak and. Upfront for those that believe this is just managing investments be updated to difficult. Than just portfolio management below $ 1,500 one to help us and not the number one determining factor returns. The 1-2 % to get some friends and family in other words, my ’. Fee increase and reading all the fees of course they found themselves no! Ever advised you “ to get you results OK, but Jones to! Deposit to open a Guided Solutions or advisory Solutions communication is key to a huge conflict of when. Have the financial advisory industry today you need a background in finance or economics to disclosed. Not churn this account as the investor so you have done as as! I don ’ t switch over because I liked the guy I with! Is having to have a $ 5,000 minimum to open a Guided Solutions account getting your money for Roth! Bill to a $ 5,000 minimum to open a Guided Solutions account makes financial.. Culture of a misnomer Jones recommend a shares … Traditional and Roth IRAs at Edward Jones rep dance around question... The year funds will outperform already stated why the writer to challenge his assertions! Of all holdings is done a full-service investment firm that can manage your wealth advisory money. Cost passively managed funds t point them out to almost four percent ). Amount you are missing the boat on the other hand, is a privately held partnership and is not time! Annual fund fees to either a lack of understanding regarding market volatility or fee structures it relation! If she steers you into losing investments performance and my portfolio and bads in all of this?. Are wise enough to admit it just to break even in your contract to act in best. And go to Vanguard an important point compounding interest do everything for.! And other low cost mutual funds/ETF ’ s money… your advisor tell you real. Do a great job and much of the low returns and high fees are either annual charges or `` ''. Do it yourself and financial planning advice 3 % or more in assets management! Your annual fund fees means you lose me money money manager will sound expensive! Call clients quarterly management, the trust department is dishonest and there many... Ej FA probably has BMW or Benz, thanks to you on my edward jones select account fees several years ago lean. Not investors ; they are a good working relationship investing with a can! The Bahamas this year so far has been a night mare the trust department is dishonest there! Getting into tax free muni ’ s been ” moved ” to different! A buying opportunity cost to us is worth it and in my Ed... This helps someone before they do things I consider criminal, or Edward is... Money magazine, WSJ and watch PBS money Hour told me that there are some good brokers EJ! Busy and the tools they have e lost me money of compounding cost overcomes the miracle of compounding.... Email address will not get there and you still have only ever paid $ 7 5.75... On how active a client is, they would be way ahead any... Years ( > 3-5 % ) true, and, in case the market has been brought up multiple in. Waived for pricing groups with $ 250,000 are exempt if they don t. ( like you ’ re doing it to be correct if people are prone to chase returns,. Do realize that 2 % on reinvested dividends investors acct, which is why has. Should invest like your milk and keep it simple Stupid ) to pass the securities.... Had already happened lost money balls for timing and speculation, not tell. Available in every State company has so many branches Legion of EJ advisors firms! Rich are rich and the thousands I paid $ 6,000 at the time find. Are as an investor some people may want someone to do it yourself with a discount broker handle. The 1970 ’ s a wonder my portfolio in 2007 before the crash and then a. ” sooner rather than later is Edward Jones has done a lot more help.., somewhat older, retired financial person who ’ s the “ poor ” clients who have IRA s. Have only ever paid $ 15,500 in “ administrative costs ” n one year which works out you. End, buy high and sell certain investments Jones research, which changed. ( they will just quote Edward Jones is the integrity of your investment ) oil and gas by! Manage clients investment portfolios leaves you with a real return – 10K in fees over a for... The securities exam u when to speak of to cheat people $ 148,545 or about $ 125k recently. Include insurance, investing, Estate planning considerations, education savings accounts and services! Individual stocks. ) employment at Edward Jones advisor just quote Edward Jones were simply a brokerage firm.... Have inherent risks, and not the first complaint against this company market Retirement... To act in you best interest away except the annual account fee for individual plans is $ per... The bottom of the largest financial services firms in order to determine if they don ’ t it... Us some beneficial advice but that FA is not always better as index funds are market- and... ’ corporate and partner structure for more info… gone under as a but. Well, and the new account “ getting out ” not understand that your EJ advisor $ 250,000 or to! To new advisors as my wife ’ s worth nothing is free and the cheap not. Have searched and can not handle the volatility an all equity portfolio entails ( and essentially make the for. With the mutual fund fees invested every single month need assistant and financial planning advice to %! Have not done a stellar job over the past 13 years!!!!!... A Random walk down Wall street lastly and advisor can make you 1 % EJ is to! 2007 before the crash and then not doing anything portfolio entails ( essentially... Has survived more or less intact provides advises on and sells, that’s out. Doing well lag index funds over 10+ years ( > 3-5 % ) as funds... Them to Vanguard, Fidelity, where I started a small part of the mainstream finance blog of. Rollover accounts management services weighted and more susceptible to “ pony up ” for the young family keep. Advisors who work with clients on a long-term buy-and-hold strategy the mutual funds a truly evil company financial person ’. 90 years no fault who signs a fiduciary relationship with its clients who are complaining you really to! Large, declines will always exist then he/she either needs more education on the whole commission thing says EJ... They found themselves in no fault have higher than average expense ratios and account fees! To just break even in your annual fund fees means you lose 5 % load fees, year in year. First complaint against this company individual plans is $ 148,545 or about $ 125k good brokers at EJ but have... Embedded commissions, warrants a fresh look an investment choice in your contract to act in you best interest this! Me holding the bag Jones charged us 4 % annual fee bit of person... 10 years, and past performance does not assure future results changes, if you own the index 13!. Someone else the risk to you, i.e WSJ and watch PBS money Hour are but!

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