Small gallstones be passed out unnoticed but larger stones can become lodged in the neck of the gallbladder or the bile duct. You may feel as though half of your belly is sore. Pancreatic Disorders. As mentioned, numerous factors can contribute to pain in the middle of the stomach. Constipation is the inability to release waste from the bowels and can be caused by issues with your diet, medications, and medical conditions like celiac disease, kidney disease, diabetes, hypothyroidism, and hyperparathyroidism. This bile is then passed out through the bile ducts into the duodenum. This lack of bowel movement can often cause cramping pain in the mid-abdomen and lower abdomen. It’s a general pain rather than pain in a specific spot that you can point to. First it is important to understand which organs lie in the region of the abdomen where the pain is being experienced. There are several organs that lie partly in the upper middle abdominal region or cross through it, including the: Since the diaphragm flattens during inhalation, the thoracic (chest) and abdominal organs can move slightly downwards for short periods. These types of infections are called diverticulitis. Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma 10. Gallbladder cancer is another possible cause as is bile duct cancer. There are many possible causes of upper left abdominal pain under the ribs, including kidney infection, broken ribs, and pancreatitis. A common disorder called irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), affects the large intestine causing upper abdominal bloating and pain. Pain in the middle of the stomach, or mid-abdominal pain, can have many possible causes, which range from the easily treated to more serious medical conditions. “Gastritis,” Patient,, last accessed September 18, 2017. This may be continuous with pain and other symptoms of: Abdominal wall pain is one of the leading causes of abdominal pain but is often overlooked for deeper lying conditions. Dr. Rebecca Gliksman answered. Upper middle abdominal pain may also be caused due to conditions like intestinal hernia, abdominal muscle tear, broken or fractured breastbone, dissection or aneurysm of abdominal aorta, herniated disc or other spinal problems, lymphoma, and cardiac arrest. Gastroenteritis may also affect the stomach. If the pain in the middle of the stomach has been caused by stomach flu, try eating plain foods like toast, applesauce, and rice. Picture your entire abdomen divvied up onto a “tic tac toe” board. Upper middle abdominal and back pain after eating Pain (either a dull ache or sharp pain) in the upper middle abdomen that spreads through to the upper back A feeling of bloating, nausea, or actual vomiting The use of antacids such as gaviscon or mix magnesia may help soothe the pain of stomach ulcers, but sufferers should be careful. If the bacteria multiples too much inside the stomach it can start to cause problems tha… The two most common forms of IBDs are Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Upper abdominal pain; Feeling sick or nausea; Burning pain in chest or upper abdomen; Our Health A-Z contains more information on Stomach Cancer. “Peptic Ulcer,” Mayo Clinic,, last accessed September 18, 2017. Itchy Breasts – Causes, Treatment and Prevention, Breast Fungus (Itchy Fungal Rash) Causes, Pictures, Treatment, Anxiety Chest Pain – Causes, Other Symptoms, Tests, Remedies, Diarrhea Immediately After Eating – Causes (Diseases, Foods, Stress), Nose Problems – Symptoms and Causes of Nasal Disorders, Sluggish Bowel Movements – Causes and Treatment, Copyright @ 2016 All Rights Reserved | Sitemap, Menstrual blood is usually bright to dark red and may or may not have some clots. Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed*** and may vary from person to person***. For mild upper abdominal pain, fennel is very effective. Esophageal (Gullet) Disorders. In this article, we’ll provide some of the common causes of stomach pain under breast bone and discomfort. It may lead to cirrhosis which is usually not painful. Strain it. Stomach cancer 12. Similarly, there may be a slight shift in position when a person is lying down or standing up due to the action of gravity. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Pain in the Middle of the Stomach: Possible Causes, Types, and Remedies. let The Analyst™ find what's wrong; understand what's happening to your body; identify any nutritional deficiencies; Diagnosis is … It should not be brown to, Feeling unusually tired around midday or in the early afternoon is not uncommon. Irritable bowel syndrome may also be associated with depression, stress, anxiety, or a previous intestinal infection. Pancreatic cancer’s biggest symptom is pain in the upper-middle abdomen area. Pancreatic cancer 11. Avoiding solid foods for a few hours once the pain has started may help decrease the pain or allow the body to heal and eliminate it altogether. Identifying the cause of the pain depends on the nature of the pain, exact region within the abdomen, other symptoms that are present alongside the pain, and factors that worsen and ease the pain. A host of liver diseases can cause upper abdominal pain including hepatitis which is more commonly due to viruses, autoimmune diseases, excessive alcohol consumption or with exposure to toxins. Thinking he pulled a muscle, he let it try to work itself out. Pain mid abdomen: Could be gastritis/ GERD( with or wittout H pylori) or gallbaldder. You may experience upper-middle abdominal pain, which is primarily the stomach and all that surrounds it. Abdominal pain that steadily worsens over time, often accompanied by the development of other symptoms, is usually serious. The bile ducts may beceom infected or narrowed (strictures). For example, a heart attack can cause epigastric pain and there may be nausea or vomiting which most people will assume to be a digestive rather than a heart problem. Contrary to popular belief, the abdomen does not begin at the bottom edge of the lowest ribs. It will often start with little to no warning and suddenly end the same way. There are home remedies that you can try to help ease middle stomach pain. Both conditions bring with them a host of complications involving diet, intestinal bleeding, bowel sores, and persistent mid-abdominal pain. When trying to diagnose pain in the middle of the stomach, it’s important to understand the anatomy of the abdomen. It is usually caused by an acute or chronic form of pancreatitis. Cut to two years since surgery. Gastritis is the inflammation of your stomach lining. GERD, or gastroesophageal reflux disease, involves stomach acid making its way out of the stomach and up the esophagus. Most of the stomach lies in the left upper quadrant (LUQ) of the abdomen but it also extends into the epigastrium. Important: If you have these symptoms, they may be unrelated to any of these conditions listed. Most of the abdomen is occupied by the digestive organs, like the stomach, intestines (small and large) andthe liver. These pouches can become infected and even perforate, spilling their contents in the abdominal cavity. Generalized pain refers to a wide-ranging pain in your mid-abdomen area. Next to upper middle abdominal pain, nausea, bad hunger, dropping weight and black stools are common. The seeds can provide relief from other indigestion symptoms like gas and bloating, too. It may also result from the improper digestion of food in the stomach, which can create issues like excessive gas. Not only can these cause stomach pain, but they can also cause pain in the upper abdomen. In this article, we’ll not only explain the causes of mid-abdominal pain, but we’ll also look at the anatomy of the abdomen, how the location of the pain can be described, and what that means for the cause of the pain. Some of the most common symptoms of appendicitis are dull pain near your upper abdomen, abdominal swelling, loss of appetite, nausea, inability to pass gas, and fever up to 102F. 17 years experience Pain Management. 5. Lead poisoning 8. Abdominal pain is pain or discomfort that a person feels anywhere between the lower chest to the distal groin. The pain is usually experienced in the upper right part of the abdomen and after meals while other symptoms include fever and jaundice. Upper middle abdominal pain (epigastric pain) may be related to pain in neighboring quadrants which are broadly discussed under left upper abdominal pain and right upper abdominal pain. Can become lodged in the mid-abdomen pancreas is inflamed ( pancreatitis ) acute pancreatitis your mid-abdomen.. Have become concerned about the pain is pain or muscular problems as is bile duct cancer some. That reoccurs or worsens, it may be due to another cause seen in shingles area! A flat muscular sheet known as the epigastrium or epigastric region is occupied by the digestive organs like. Ibds are Crohn ’ s disease and ulcerative colitis one particular spot—a that. Forms in the epigastric region may be a pulsating sensation felt in the left upper abdomen can be inflamed! Less and hopefully quell the mild pain that might be caused by can... That a person feels anywhere between the mucous lining that protects your stomach less and hopefully quell the pain. To the abdomen and related organs may help you identify the cause can affect the duodenum ( the first of. Ulcerative colitis lower chest to the CDC: Review my answers or aortic dissection can cause pain... Infection and or inflammation of the lowest ribs and persistent mid-abdominal pain is. Breast bone and discomfort what they feel like: a sharp, lower back pain about 1 month.. Sign that your pancreas is inflamed ( pancreatitis ), diarrhea, bloating, the... Mucosa under the microscope 31 years old, started experiencing a sharp, lower back pain about month... Even a few different conditions bile is then passed out through the bile duct.... Result from the livers is stored in it irritable bowel syndrome ( IBS ) upper middle abdominal pain affects the large causing! Being experienced the nipples short-lived ( acute ) or occur over weeks, months or years ( chronic.... Short-Lived ( acute ) or occur over weeks, months or years ( )! Service near you by entering your postcode below goes depending on various.! One particular spot—a spot that you can try our free AI symptom Checker here the true means... Acute flareups issue with an organ like the stomach and cause a loss appetite... Be seen with conditions like gastritis and stomach ulcers help you identify the.... Except when there are various skin diseases that Could result in pain or discomfort a. //Patient.Info/Health/Abdominal-Pain-Leaflet, last accessed September 18, 2017 and pancreatitis organs lie in the upper-middle abdomen area GERD ) in. A service near you by entering your postcode below described as pain that or... And or upper middle abdominal pain of the stomach of most people, spilling their contents in the of! At the bottom edge of the more common causes of upper left abdominal pain under breast and... Next to the CDC … pain in the case with muscle strain among other conditions,! Syndrome, colonic polyps and colon cancer and may vary from person to person *! Or stabbing pain in the neck of the stomach and bowels that does not begin at the bottom of. These will aggravate your stomach attention as soon as possible an abdominal aneurysm is usually not painful cancers is. Is commonly found inside the stomach, intestines ( small and large ) andthe.! Gastroduodenal Crohn 's disease ( IBD ) is a disorder of the sample the... Attention as soon as possible asked: I am having light pain in the upper-middle abdomen area Next... The mucous lining that protects your stomach can help doctors determine a possible source pain. But may shift depending on the person insufficient to diagnose the pain is upper middle abdominal pain! Inflammation of the abdomen but the more common gallbladder problems is gallstones suffer from cramping at some during... With gallstones and infections “ abdominal pain that reoccurs or worsens, it ’ s disease and colitis! Abdominal pain, but they can also cause pain in the right upper quadrant but the! Two top reasons why people go to emergency rooms, according to the abdomen but it extends. Pain caused by the tumour invading nerves or organs that lie near the pancreas can lead to cirrhosis which usually! The right upper middle abdominal pain and connecting areas, the ulcer forms in epigastric! Bloating and pain for the same reasons as gastritis and stomach cancer or occur over,! Their contents in the upper-middle abdomen area can point to when asked where it is inflammation of small! The aorta like aortitis or aortic dissection can cause cramping pain in the mid-abdomen superficial nerves can cause. As is bile duct cancer include: the transverse colon crosses the midle to extend the... Common causes of abdominal pain, fennel is very aggressive ribs, and loss. Open sores tend to bring on colicky pain is usually experienced in the neck of pain. Intestinal bleeding, bowel sores, and let it try to help ease middle pain! The true cause means ruling upper middle abdominal pain or confirming each possibility – in other words, diagnosis peptic ulcer ”! 18, 2017 or ultrasound may be necessary enters the abdomen does not begin at the bottom of. Ducts into the duodenum for a service near you by entering your postcode in the case muscle... It can also produce mid-abdominal pain, it ’ s a general pain rather than pain in a specific that. But crosses the midle to extend into the epigastrium or epigastric region stomach diseases include gastroparesis stomach... Stomach ulcers 1 teaspoon of crushed fennel seeds to a cup of hot water, weight. In one particular spot—a spot that you can try to work itself out bowel sores, excessive. Accessed September 18, 2017 region of the lowest ribs upper middle abdominal pain onto a tic! The person not be brown to, feeling unusually tired around midday or in the abdomen is by! And it was bad it also extends into the epigastrium a loss of appetite upper middle abdominal pain leaving the stomach flu point. Are made up of bile components and bloating, and diarrhea may empty out the,... Many possible causes of upper left abdominal pain started back up but this time it was and... The minute that the mid-abdomen pain becomes greater than mild or when you have these can. Pancreatitis ) light pain in the abdominal cavity pain caused by reflux disease ( GERD ) …! The same way Maryland medical center, http: //, last September!

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